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Our Services

Our Servuces

Elite IT
Consulting Group

We are a global IT consulting firm. We offer our clients professional training on various collaboration software such as: Atlassian and ClickUp. We target U.S. and international small to mid size businesses and help them implement and improve the usage of these specialty software.

Tools Support

With a team of Atlassian and ClickUp Certified engineers in place, the solutions for your tools suite take full advantage of its features and adjust to yours needs.

DevOps Solutions

The proficiency of the engineers make the solutions not only to work on your environment, but also improves your overall processes.

Tools Licensing

Buy your Atlassian and ClickUp products through us and simplify your payment process and get access to the best market prices

Agile Solutions

You can get the juice of your development process by working along with the certified Scrum Masters and Product Owners and rest assured that you can meet your deadlines and deliver to your customers.


We train you and your team on the Atlassian tools that you are using, and we help you to re-invent how to use them so you can achieve your needs more efficiently, with the support of the most experienced team of trainers.

Support Consulting

Counting with an external view of your company you can rely that your implementations align with long term solutions and minimize maintenance tasks.

      Ready to find out more?

Contact us and find out how our company can help you improve your process, user experience and seamless integration between your different teams.

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